Jo.S (rails)

Jo. S - Her Majesty Independency.

The driving force behind the creation of the brand was the need for independence, expressed both in action and in form.

Independence is such a trait that we must boldly reach for, because no one is able to give it to us.


My name is Joanna (Saniewska-Iwan) and I created Jo.S as a brand that aims to let women feel more confident, more unique, beyond temporary styles and trends. And most of all, I created a brand that is also to be a door for me, to my little story about independence and freedom.

In Jo.S the tradition of the Far East draws handfuls from the Scandinavian Lagom, all over time, but with a love for form and quality.

The cuts are based on traditional kimono, haori and yukata constructions while maintaining the characteristic features of sleeves and collars, but they pass through the filter of the Scandinavian Lagom ideology, in which the key is balance, avoiding extremes, and moderation.

The fusion of these two trends allowed us to create traditional constructions, however, marked with a modern soul of simplicity, beautiful natural materials, subdued and at the same time so distinctive in fashion. Thanks to the combination of the Far East and the North, we should feel dressed, unique, but never disguised and tied up.

The individual models can be worn in many ways, allowing one garment to adapt to the needs of the moment and mood. In this way, we do not close ourselves with the construction and definition of clothes, we can creatively tune them to ourselves.

Let's not get addicted to trends. Let fashion be our tool, never the other way around.

Independency is never given, its always taken.

Thank you for being here.



About me

My name is Joanna and if I were to describe myself with one word, I would say that I am curious. Curiosity is what pushes me around the world, which makes me happy to try new dishes, learn new things and put me where I am now. Above all, I believe that good deeds return and it is our job as people to help each other. Plus, I'm just hyperactive and my life runs at an accelerated heart rate.