About Jo.S

Her Majesty Independency.

The driving force behind the creation of the brand was the need for independence, expressed both in action and form.

Independence is such a trait that we must boldly reach for, because no one is able to give it to us.

I created Jo.S as a brand that aims to make women feel more confident, more unique, beyond temporary styles and trends.

In Jo.S the tradition of the Far East draws handfuls from the Scandinavian Lagom, all over time, but with a love for perfect form and quality.

Let us not become addicted to fashion, let us not allow trends to lead us by the nose. Let fashion be our tool, never the other way around.

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  • Construction

    "Something to wear", or kimono, means a full outfit in the form of the letter T. The construction of kimono elements requires great care and respect for tradition. Each design has its proportions and distinctive elements, such as sode sleeves and cutouts
    miyatsukuchi, specific only for women's projects .

  • Fabrics

    I do not produce fabrics, I use what is already available, my little "zero waste". It is not an art to find a beautiful material, but if we want to appreciate its practical and utility advantages, and still focus on fabrics close to nature, the choice becomes a challenge. So I choose the materials myself, without sparing them my pedantry.

  • Production

    I founded the Polish brand, so all projects are produced in Poland. I believe in respect and respect for someone else's work, especially knowing that I am not an easy customer, so when you buy Jo.S products you can be sure that the people who sew them have been fairly rewarded for their work.